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IMTBIKE Motorradreise Nordportugal Zentralspanien

This dream tour will lead you through some of the most prestigious wine regions in Spain and Portugal. You’ll begin your journey in Madrid, the Spanish capital, and travel through charming wine regions such as La Rioja,

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IMTBIKE Motorcycle Japan Tour

Majestic Japan

October 22, 2018

Japan is one of the most desired destinations for many tourists, at IMTBIKE we have prepared a Motorcycle route that highlights little known roads, sophisticated Japanese food its refined culture and rich history.

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Exotic Thailand

October 5, 2017

Thailand, the country of smiles, is one of the dream destinations for motorcyclists everywhere. In Thailand you’ll find gems such as the Mae Hon Song Loop, known as one of the 10 best riding roads in the world.

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IMTBIKE Motorradreise Portugal

Best of Portugal Tour

August 17, 2016

The only way to really get to know Portugal is by motorcycle and this remarkable country has a lot to offer! Our Best of Portugal Motorcycle tour encompasses everything you could want to see in a country as beautiful and mesmerizing as the ancient Roman Lusitania: its fantastic beaches,

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IMTBIKE Motorradreise Pyrenäen Von Küste zu Küste

It’s no coincidence that many of the best riders in the world come from the areas around Barcelona, just a stone’s throw from the Pyrenees, the most revered mountain range amongst motorcyclists who know what they are talking about. If you are one of them, if you are the type who would like to spend 10 unforgettable, intense and exciting days on top of a motorcycle, this is the tour for you!