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Martín Cebrián IMTBIKE Guide at IMTBIKEName: Martín Cebrián

Date of Birth: May 17th

City of birth: Barcelona, Spain

Last Tour: Sardinia & Corsica 

Social Media:


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ChanoName: Chano Lorenzo

Date of Birth: October 11th.

City of birth: Madrid, Spain.

Last Tour: Custom Tour  “Pirineos Costa a Costa

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Are you planning your motorcycle trip this summer? we have asked our guides and this is what they have told us they will do, maybe these trips can inspire you!

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IMTBIKE has always wanted to visit Japan and have a Global Tour there. The golden opportunity arose thanks to Moto Tours Japan along with the Japanese government.

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New Tour, new Whatsapp group, Facebook posts, Instagram, video editing.. Guys please send me pictures of smiling people, more food shots, more motorcycles, more landscapes, interviews, architecture, better approaches…. Does this ring a bell IMTBIKE guides?

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