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As the year moves ahead, we look back, and it feels like yesterday when we started the last year of the last decade. It has been twelve months of hard work with old and new projects,

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Portugal & Southern Spain Motorcycle tour by peter

Portugal & Southern Spain Tour
Peter´s first Motorcycle Tour as a Guide at IMTBIKE

“Peter, in wo weeks the IMTBIKE Southern Portugal & Andalucia motorcycle tour begins, you want to drive the van?”,

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maria imtbike


We interviewed María Pérez, booking agent for motorcycle trips at IMTBIKE. Discover all of her through this interview

Name: María Pérez

Date of Birth: May 3rd

City of birth: Madrid, 

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CHANO imtbike

Date of Birth: October 11th.

City of birth: Madrid, Spain.

Last Tour: Custom Tour  “Pirineos Costa a Costa

Social Media: 


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Are you planning your motorcycle trip this summer? we have asked our guides and this is what they have told us they will do, maybe these trips can inspire you!

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