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IMTBIKE has five Motorcycle Storage Centers in Spain and Portugal located in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Bilbao and Lisbon. All of our Motorcycle Storage Centers are strategically located near main airports with easy access from nearby motorways. If you own a motorcycle in Europe and would like to store it in Spain or Portugal in a dry and safe environment, IMTBIKE can help you.

IMTBIKE has a fleet of over 200 BMW motorcycles and we understand the importance of maintaining motorcycles in perfect condition. By using IMTBIKE Motorcycle Storage service in Spain and Portugal, you benefit from the same passion, dedication and care that we use for our own motorcycles.



Calle Chapineria, 6B
Pol Ind Ventorro del Cano
28925 – Alcorcón – Madrid

(+34) 91 633 72 22


Calle Melcior de Palau, 157
08014 Barcelona

(+34) 91 633 72 22



Calle Ter, 1, Polígono El Viso
2900 – Málaga

(+34) 952 026 748


Calle de Anselma de Salces 9
48007 Bilbao, Spain

(+34) 91 633 72 22


Rua de Santa Marta 72-A
1150-298 – Lisbon

(+34) 91 633 72 22

We offer you the following services for your motorcycle storage:

  • Safe and dry parking in our rental centers
  • Motorcycle Gear Storage
  • Alarm secured warehouse with 24 hour security
  • Insurance
  • Five Motorcycle Storage locations in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Bilbao; and Portugal, Lisbon
  • Basic Motorcycle maintenance possible for an additional fee