4 Day Itinerary

It’s All Taken Care Of

You’re the master of your own destiny and we understand that cookie-cutter vacations just won’t do. That’s why IMTBike has designed a holiday package as unique as you are. Our four-day getaways let you choose where and when you want to ride. You show up – we do the rest.

It’s SO Simple

Grab a flight and take the short drive to our base where a new model BMW motorcycle in pristine condition with three cases awaits. The GPS with your chosen four-day route pre-installed will be ready for you. Your hotels are booked and paid for. All you have to do is take off!

Our “Go Minimal” Option

Bring your own riding gear or save on baggage fees by using our clean, high-quality gear and helmets. Bring a pillion or a group – we’re ready to get you all on the road fast.

No Hassle, Just Riding

You choose the region you want to tour and dates, IMTBIKE sets up the tour for you. Our custom routes have been designed to get you onto some of the sweetest, twistiest, most photogenic roads, with breathtaking scenery.

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4 Day Self-Guided Getaways

What's included...

Motorcycle Motorcycle
Route Route
Hotels Hotels
Airport Transfers Airport Transfers
Riding Gear (Optional) Riding Gear (Optional)

Included in the price of a Self-Guided Getaway:

  • Overnight accommodations in awesome hotels
  • Complete buffet breakfast every morning
  • Only New model BMW motorcycles with 3 BMW cases
  • One Garmin GPS, pre-loaded with the daily routes
  • Michelin maps highlighted with the route and additional riding options
  • Digital Tour handbook (normally about +50 pages-very comprehensive)
  • Recommended dining list with great restaurants and tapas bars for you to choose from
  • Full coverage motorcycle insurance
  • 24 hour phone assistance from IMTBIKE in case you have any questions
  • 24/7 BMW Roadside Assistance
  • Tour souvenirs