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Like the freedom of riding on your own but also the comfort of having all the little details organized for you (like awesome hotels and award-winning routes?) If so, IMTBIKE’s Self-Guided Tours are for you!

IMTBIKE takes care of all the tour details: hotel reservations, tour handbook, Michelin maps, and a pre-loaded Garmin GPS. An IMTBIKE guide will meet you for a comprehensive tour briefing the day you arrive, and we are just a phone call away in case you have any questions. So, if riding on your own is how you like to travel but you want to take advantage of IMTBIKE’s expertise then our SELF-GUIDED TOURS are exactly what you are looking for!

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Our Tours

  • Southern Spain Andalusia Motorcycle Tour
    The Spirit of Andalucia

  • Essence of Northern Spain Tour
    Mountains next to the sea

  • Castles and Mountains Central Spain Motorcycle Tour
    Don Quixote Country

  • The Great Northern Discovery Motorcycle Tour
    Complete Northern Spain from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela

  • Northern Green Spain Motorcycle Tour
    Discover the elegance of Northern Spain

  • Pyrenees Coast to Coast Motorcycle Tour
    From Barcelona to San Sebastian

  • Perfect Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour
    The Soul of the Pyrenees

  • Best of Portugal Motorcycle Tour
    The little great paradise

  • Essence of Portugal Motorcycle Tour
    Soul and tradition

  • Portugal & Central Spain Motorcycle Tour
    Land of Conquistadors

  • Portugal & Southern Spain Motorcycle Tour
    Hidden Treasures of the South

  • Provence & Tuscany Motorcycle Tour
    Aromatic Provence & Bella Toscana

  • Portugal & Spain Land of Vineyards Motorcycle Tour
    Mountains, Valleys & Rivers

  • Sardinia & Corsica Motorcycle Tour
    Secret Jewels of the Mediterranean

  • Serpentine Sardinia Motorcycle Tour
    True Motorcycle Nirvana

  • MotoGP Jerez Motorcycle Tour
    Motorcycle Meca

  • MotoGP Catalunya Motorcycle Tour
    MotoGP & The Pyrenees

  • NEW MotoGP Portugal
    From the mountains to the cliffs

  • MotoGP Valencia Motorcycle Tour
    MotoGP & Mediterranean Sea

  • Alps & Southern France Motorcycle Tour
    Ultimate European Motorcycle Dream

Included in the price of a self-guided tour:

  • Overnight accommodations in awesome hotels
  • Only New model BMW motorcycles with 3 BMW cases
  • One Garmin GPS for the group leader, pre-loaded with the daily routes
  • Michelin maps highlighted with the route and additional riding options
  • Welcome briefing with an IMTBIKE guide to go over all aspects of your tour
  • Tour handbook (normally about +50 pages-very comprehensive)
  • Complete buffet breakfast every morning
  • Recommended dining list with great restaurants and tapas bars for you to choose from
  • Full coverage motorcycle insurance
  • 24 hour phone assistance from IMTBIKE in case you have any questions
  • 24/7 BMW Roadside Assistance
  • Tour souvenirs
  • Airport transfer on the first day of the tour

Not included:

  • Plane Ticket
  • Fuel
  • Lunches
  • Dinners