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Happy International Women's day

Happy International Women’s Day to all our riders! Women motorcycle enthusiasts are injecting new energy into the biking scene. The number of riders we see has been on the decline lately thanks to an aging biker population and a lack of enthusiasm from millennials.

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UCLA study suggests motorcycle riding reduces stress

Our riders have long touted the benefits of biking but, thanks to a new study by UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, there is now scientific evidence that biking is good for you.That feeling you get where the world comes into focus and your cares take a backseat is actually helping to reduce your stress levels.

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Moto GP Valencia tour with imtbike


Yes on all accounts.  First organized motorcycle tour; first trip to Spain and first trip to Europe!

What made you decide on signing up for the Moto GP Valencia with IMTBIKE?

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Christmas IMTBIKE

GUILLERMO. Guide and Madrid Agent.


Let´s talk seriously this year…

The pretty socks and pijamas with drawings are nice,

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MARTIN imtbike

Date of Birth: May 17th

City of birth: Barcelona, Spain

Last Tour: Sardinia & Corsica 

Social Media:


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