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Tips for a motorcycle tour in Northern Spain & Pyrenees

Spanning nearly 500 km, the Pyrenees mountain range runs from Mediterranean Sea to the Cantabrian Sea from east to west. It also serves as a natural border between France and Spain and is home to a small country situated entirely amongst its peaks: Andorra.

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Motorcycle tours in Northern Spain & Pyrenees

If you look at a map of northern Spain, many interesting impressions will jump out at you. Perhaps what most catches your attention is the vast coastline, or maybe the mountainous geography of the Galician estuaries as they work their way inland—characteristic of the Atlantic and Asturian coasts.

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Andalucia tours IMTBIKE

Those who haven’t yet explored the South of Spain tend to imagine it to be flat and arid—when, really, it’s quite the opposite!

Andalusia is a fertile land full of mountains,

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Every effort is entitled to its reward, and in 2020 we were rewarded!

We have always made a point of doing everything in our power to offering our clients the best service,

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Name: Juanan Martín

Date of Birth: January 23rd

City of birth: Barcelona, Spain


1. How did you become a member of the IMTBIKE family?

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