Skill Level: Intermediate

Touring Roads: 60%

Challenging Roads: 40%


History / Culture:

Riding Time: 6 to 8 hours


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Portugal & Southern Spain Motorcycle Tour

Hidden Treasures of the South

Spain | Portugal

Oct. 23 — Nov. 06, 2022 1 spot left

Feb. 19 — Mar. 05, 2023 9 spots left

Oct. 22 — Nov. 05, 2023

Take an extraordinary trip into the true South of Europe. Ride Spain and Portugal during this motorcycle tour through the regions of Andalusia and the Algarve. You’ll visit enchanting cities full of history and experience the unforgettable southern charm of Malaga, Ronda and Evora. You’ll also have rest days in Seville, Granada and Lisbon, three amazing cities full of fascinating sights and sounds.

During this Portugal & Southern Spain Tour, you will ride perfect roads and overload your senses with the natural beauty of lost mountain ranges, small white towns and the intense blue  of  the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Warm, sunny days are the norm in these parts and the perfect climate is complemented by an incredible gastronomy, the world famous “tapas” and unforgettable regional dishes. Last but most certainly not least are the warm, friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms and  share the secrets of their land and culture.  Mark this one down on your calendar as a motorcycle adventure not to miss!

IMTBike ROUTE rating

It is essential to know the different skill levels needed to participate in the IMTBIKE TOURS that are offered to you. IMTBIKE makes sure that it offers different tours for all riding styles and levels. The IMTBIKE team always works diligently in designing our routes. This is a laborious process which entails reviewing all road choices before selecting the best option for an IMTBIKE tour.

The most experienced motorcyclists looks for roads that require technical skill; narrow twisty roads with little traffic and endless curves. But these same roads would be too difficult for a less experienced rider.

The local driving habits, the amount of traffic, the asphalt quality and the radius of the curves vary considerably from country to country and even in different regions of the same country. They will also vary depending on the season of the year. All of these factors have been studied by IMTBIKE and have been taken into consideration when rating our tours.

IMTBIKE thinks it is also important to know about the different types of roads you will be enjoying on your tour. To understand the road types easier, IMTBIKE has divided them into two categories, and we have calculated an approximate percentage of each on all of our tours.

  1. TOURING ROADS: These are wider roads comprised mainly of larger radius sweepers. They are still curvy roads but not tight mountainous twisty curves. Please remember that you will ride very few straight roads on IMTBIKE tours!
  2. CHALLENGING ROADS: These are roads that are tight twisty turns which require more technical skill. Many times they will be narrower roads without a shoulder and sometimes with steep inclines or descents. Normally they will be mountainous roads accompanied by spectacular sceneries.

If you have never ridden a motorcycle outside of your country, or if you have little experience riding on mountain roads with many curves, we recommend that you choose a tour rated moderate or intermediate. If you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are always happy to answer your questions to make sure that you choose the best tour for your riding level.


This route offers wider sweeping turns that are easy to maneuver. This route may have some tighter turns in a few places but this will be the exception. Regardless, even on moderate tours you must be able to ride a large cylinder motorcycle in any condition. Never plan to learn how to ride a motorcycle on an IMTBIKE tour. We recommend having a minimum of 8.000 km (5.000 miles) of experience riding a large cylinder motorcycle to participate on a MODERATE rated IMTBIKE Tour and you should ride a motorcycle on a regular basis at home.


This route rating can have sections of very twisty curves on narrow roads with no center line to divide the road. There will also wider radius curves on these routes. Traffic conditions can be intense at times in some urban environments and the local driving habits may seem aggressive and unpredictable to you. It is imperative that you are an experienced motorcyclist. We recommend that you have a minimum of 12.000 km (7500 miles) of large cylinder motorcycle experience to participate on a INTERMEDIATE rated IMTBIKE Tour and you should ride a motorcycle on a regular basis at home.


This route rating has long sections of technical narrow twisty roads and sometimes single lane roads. These twisty roads will often be in mountains where steep inclines and descents will be commonplace. Some riding days can be long and challenging. Traffic conditions can be intense at times in some urban environments and the local driving habits may seem aggressive and unpredictable to you. It is imperative that you are a very experienced motorcyclist on a large cylinder motorcycle. We recommend that you have a minimum of 16.000 km (10.000 miles) of large cylinder motorcycle experience on an ADVANCE rated IMTBIKE Tour and of course you should ride a motorcycle on a regular basis at home.

IMTBIKE Average Daily Riding Hours

5 to 7 hours
6 to 8 hours
7 to 9 hours

How many hours a day you ride on a tour is important information in helping you decide on the right IMTBIKE tour for you. Some tour members want to ride as many hours as possible everyday, while others prefer to stop more frequently and dedicate more time to enjoying the scenery, visiting cultural sights and arrive at the hotel earlier to relax before dinner. The daily riding hours are calculated including the coffee breaks and photo stops but they do not include the time taken for lunch.

Normally we’ll start our riding day at 9:30am and we will take about a one hour lunch break sometime between 1pm and 2pm. So if the daily riding hours for a given tour are 5-7, then you will arrive at the hotel between 3:30pm- 5:30pm depending on the average speed of the group.

Tour Facts

  • Start / End Malaga
    Total Distance 1,547 miles / 2,490 km
  • Total Time 15 Days
    Riding Days 13 Days
  • Rest Days 3 Granada, Sevilla, Lisbon
    Breakfast 14 Included Breakfasts
  • Dinners 11 Dinners
    Daily Mileage 160-220 miles / 250-350 kms.
  • Hotel Overnights 14 Nights
    Riding Season Spring, Winter, Autumn
  • Highlights:  Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, Málaga, Granada, The Alhambra Palace, White Towns, Ronda, Sevilla, Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, the Algarve.
    Accommodations:  Awesome hotels. First-class historical Pousadas and Paradors plus a few specially selected boutique hotels with local flair. Pousadas and Paradors are Castles, Palaces & Fortresses converted into motorcycle-friendly hotels.
    *All IMTBIKE lodgings are hand-picked for their quality of service, local charm and strategic locations.


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  • The trip was different and easily went to the top of the list for my wife and I. The guides made everything work so smoothly and with concern that we were having a great time which we did.

    Fred Bell,
    Potomac, USA
    Very Positive Tour. Well planned with many shared personal stories about the area we were going through

  • In no particular order, after multiple tours, here are my reasons
    why you need to book your next tour with IMTBIKE.

    1. The hotels- Each night you will discover yourself staying at the most desirable hotel in town.
    2. The food- Other tours have you eat in your hotel choosing from a “tour” menu. IMTBike almost always makes use of excellent local restaurants within a short walk from your hotel.
    3. The people- You will most likely be touring with riders from 5 or 6 different countries, adding even more to your cultural experience.
    4. The company- The IMTBike staff philosophy is to enjoy life, make friends, relax and appreciate the experiences we have when traveling, especially by motorcycle.
    5. The riding- Riding BMW motorcycles in top condition on roadways with few cars in the most beautiful and enjoyable roads in the world.
    6. The value- The cost per day of their tours compares favorably with other tour operators and when quality is factored in then IMTBike is the best tour value.
    7. The quality- IMTBike is constantly monitoring the quality of the hotels and restaurants providing services to you as a tour participant. A high level of quality is expected and IMTBike gives constant feedback to ensure their standards are met with each tour.

    Highest recommendation.

    Mark Bayles
    Coupeville, USA
    Best vacation ever with IMTBIKE

  • Fabulous trip. Every detail was well thought through, planned and executed. Accommodations were always close to the main attraction for the area and very comfortable. Guides were knowledgeable, professional, friendly and superb motorcyclists. Guides created an atmosphere of warmth and commonality that helped the group easily integrate into a biking family. Great time!!

    David Granzin
    Penn Yan, USA
    Portugal and Southern Spain

  • My husband and I have taken several bike tours with three different companies. Although all three were excellent, IMTBIKE raised the bar. Our trip surpassed our expectations. Our guides, the routes, the food, the bikes, the locations, the scenery, the roads, the new friend's we made.... all outstanding. We were scheduled to take another trip this fall, but due to Covid we have had to postpone. We Look forward to rebooking and having the same experience we had the last time. IMTBIKE is truly the BEST!

    Lynn Mulhall
    Grand Junction, USA
    IMTBIKE raised the bar

  • I’ve been on many tours with various motorcycle tour companies in Europe; most of which were well worth the money. I’ve also motorcycle toured on my own in Europe several times. However IMTBike, in my opinion, hits the “sweet spot” in terms of the combination of luxury tourism, great riding, and affordability. The accommodation is always interesting and good quality. The riding routes are challenging, which I love, but not so difficult that non-European riders (and passengers) are intimidated. The bikes are in perfect condition and usually almost new. The food is great with a tremendous amount of local content. The IMTBike staff is unfailingly courteous, helpful and patient. I really think IMTBike “has it nailed”!

    Michael Atkin,
    Victoria, Canada
    It was a GREAT Tour!!

  • testimonials photo

    My wife (Bryna) and I had a wonderful tour this past month with Martín and Chano. They are very exceptional. In addition, everything was first class and we woke up every day with excitement and anticipation. They love their job and it shows. They have great respect for the staff and for the leadership of the company. We are really grateful to you and your staff.
    Thanks for enriching our lives.

    Fred & Bryna Bell,
    Potomac, USA
    Portugal & Southern Spain Tour. First class, excitement and anticipation.

  • testimonials photo

    Now that we are back home and reflecting on our recent adventure, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for putting together such a wonderful trip. We had a truly amazing time! I can't say enough good things about you all and what you do. All of the details were covered. The bikes were excellent, the maps and itinerary were beyond helpful, and the accommodations well exceeded our expectations. And certainly of highest priority, being a motorcycle trip, the route/roads you recommended were fantastic! So good, I realize, that this may have been the pinnacle of rides for me. Thank you, thank you , thank you

    Mark Luposello,
    Virginia, USA
    Amazing Time

  • testimonials photo

    I just wanted to complement you both on the amazing trip your company provided for both myself and my wife, Rose.
    The routes, accommodations and restaurants were, in a word, exemplary. Any concerns I had initially about my wife riding, at least part of the time, in the support vehicle had all vanished by the lunch break our first day of riding. Throughout the trip Mikel was a gracious host and tour guide while she was both a passenger in the support vehicle and afterwards as well. He will, undoubtedly, be a great asset to your company in the years to come.
    I was also very impressed with Martin. His enthusiasm for motorcycling in particular and life in general was quite contagious. He also demonstrated an incredible ability to look after the less experienced riders while still making it a great deal of fun for those riders interested in riding at a more spirited pace. When off the bikes he had a way of making sure everyone’s needs and concerns were attended to and that the group was always enjoying themselves.
    I have been involved in at least a dozen motorcycle trips that were organized,at least to some degree.Your trip was,by far,the best( and that was with your trip being,for the first time,WITH MY WIFE!)LOL A specific shout out for a job well done should also go to the other support staff who put together the printed materials,photographs and other similar work.
    I am already considering booking your Perfect Pyrenees Tour and the Castles & Mountains Central Spain Tour.
    Best regards,

    Bill Taberner,
    Ontario, Canada
    Portugal & Southern Spain Tour-By far the Best Tour I’ve ever Taken

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Meet our guides

Meet the IMTBike Guides

We are very proud of the reputation we’ve earned as one of the world’s leading motorcycle tour operators, and it starts with our guides.

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Daily Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival Málaga, safety briefing and welcome dinner
  • Day 2: Málaga – Granada
  • Day 3: Granada - rest day
  • Day 4: Granada - Antequera
  • Day 5: Antequera – Doñana – Costa de la Luz
  • Day 6: Costa de la Luz – Serra de Monchique - Algarve
  • Day 7: Algarve – Costa Vicentina - Cascais (Lisbon)
  • Day 8: Cascais (Lisbon) - rest day
  • Day 9: Cascais (Lisbon) - Sintra - Alentejo
  • Day 10: Alentejo – Aracena Mountains - Sevilla
  • Day 11: Sevilla - rest day
  • Day 12: Sevilla – Grazalema Mountains - Pueblos Blancos
  • Day 13: Pueblos Blancos - Ronda
  • Day 14: Ronda - Málaga
  • Day 15: Flight home
  • Day 1: Arrival Málaga, safety briefing and welcome dinner

    Arrival Málaga, safety briefing and welcome dinner

    Transfer included from the Airport to the hotel. You’ll have time to rest and visit the city before our welcome briefing in the evening. After the briefing you’ll have dinner with your guides at a local Spanish restaurant. The first and last days mentioned in the itinerary correspond to first and last days of the tour. Keep in mind that, depending on which country you are flying from you may need to leave a day early so please reserve your flights accordingly.

  • Day 2: Málaga – Costa del Sol – Granada

    Málaga  – Costa del Sol – Granada

    Today begins by leaving Malaga and riding north through the Montes de Malaga National Park. You’ll then turn south heading back towards the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the Costa del Sol, You’ll continue riding along the coast, enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean before climbing into the steep rugged mountains that separate the coast from Granada, a beautiful historical city full of mystery and home to the famous Alhambra Palace.

  • Day 3: Granada - rest day

    Granada - rest day

    Today is your chance to visit the legendary Alhambra Palace which is a truly impressive sight and an absolute must see. You can easily spend the rest of the day getting lost in the tangled streets of the Albayzin or shopping in the cosmopolitan modern part of the city. Or perhaps you’ll find a moment to ride up the twisty highway to the Sierra Nevada, where you’ll ride the highest paved road on the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Day 4: Granada – Sierra Arana – Alhama - Antequera

    Granada – Sierra Arana – Alhama - Antequera

    Granada will no doubt leave an unforgettable impression on you but today it’s time to say goodbye. You’ll exit the city and cross the Arana Mountains, with the imposing face of the Sierra Nevada watching over from above. Then, you’ll change direction slightly and head towards the smooth hills that surround Alhama de Granada. Lightly travelled local roads through farmland will bring you to Antequera, known as the heart of Andalusia.

  • Day 5: Antequera – Doñana – Costa de la Luz

     Antequera – Doñana – Costa de la Luz

    Today it’s time to head towards the Atlantic. You’ll explore rural Andalusia along remote secondary roads through mountains and foothills. The natural path of the Guadalquivir River will carry you along the outskirts of Seville, where you’ll cross the river and then ride straight into the Doñana National Park, one of the most important in all of Europe and home to numerous migratory birds on their way South. Like the birds you’ll arrive on the shores of the Atlantic to rest for the night.

  • Day 6: Costa de la Luz – Serra de Monchique - Algarve

    Costa de la Luz  – Serra de Monchique - Algarve

    You’ll take a route into the nearby mountains packed with curves to the Portuguese Coast and the Algarve. You'll continue climbing into the Valle del Guadiana National Park and the Monchique Mountains and after a fantastic day of riding in the mountains you’ll descend again to the shores of the Atlantic to the sandy beaches of the Algarve and the picturesque village of Lagos.

  • Day 7: Algarve – Costa Vicentina - Cascais (Lisbon)

    Algarve – Costa Vicentina - Cascais (Lisbon)

    Today you’ll take a long enjoyable ride along the Atlantic coast heading north in search of the mouth of the Tajo River, which you’ll cross on a suspension bridge leading to Lisbon. Along the way you’ll ride the beautiful Southern Portuguese coast and visit the Cape St. Vincent lighthouse, famous in maritime history for its strategic location. The romantic city of Lisbon will be your home for the next two nights awaiting its visitors as always, with open arms.

  • Day 8: Cascais (Lisbon) - rest day

    Cascais (Lisbon) - rest day

    You won’t run out of things to do during your rest day in Lisbon. This beautiful city still shares many bonds with its intriguing past. Palaces, churches and even a monumental castle all make up its rich history. Legend has it that Lisbon was constructed atop seven hills. To discover it, you'll need to visit its many distinctive neighborhoods, classic cafes and shops nestled in steep, narrow cobblestoned streets. At night you’ll discover the vibrant nightlife in the countless restaurants and bars.

  • Day 9: Cascais (Lisbon) - Sintra - Alentejo

    Cascais (Lisbon) - Sintra - Alentejo

    Riding away from Lisbon will be bitter sweet; you’ll leave an enchanting city behind for new places of equal beauty Cascais (the Portuguese Monaco) and Cabo da Roca the western most point of Europe. You'll follow the coastline along a road frequented by motorcyclists as well as surfers looking for that perfect wave. Then you’ll visit the extravagant Sintra Palace, the royal getaway for the Portuguese Nobility for centuries. Further east your destination for the night awaits you near the border, the tranquil, beautiful, walled city of Evora.

  • Day 10: Alentejo – Aracena Mountains - Sevilla

    Alentejo – Aracena Mountains - Sevilla

    It’s time to say goodbye to Portugal, its friendly people and the serene beauty of the Portuguese landscapes. But don’t worry; the sadness will quickly fade as you ride on to Andalusian soil once again. Waiting patiently for you will be the western foothills of the Sierra Morena and the Sierra de Aracena, a place full of magnificent motorcycle roads. There, you can visit the colorful mines of Riotinto and taste what some call the best Jamón (Spanish Iberian Ham) in the world, the “Jabugo.” After a perfect riding day you’ll arrive at the capitol of Andalusia, Seville.

  • Day 11: Sevilla - rest day

    Sevilla - rest day

    Today is a rest day perfect for taking in the city of Seville and its impressive Gothic cathedral, countless small churches, interesting neighborhoods full of narrow streets, Flamenco music, tapas bars etc. You will also have the option of exploring the Sierra Morena if you feel like riding.

  • Day 12: Sevilla – Grazalema Mountains - Pueblos Blancos

    Sevilla – Grazalema Mountains - Pueblos Blancos

    Today you’ll say goodbye to the magical Andalusian capital and all of its art and beauty. You’ll head South on smooth roads through countryside landscapes and large plains. Next you’ll climb into an intense section of the Grazalema Mountains, crossing over the most impressive mountain passes of the entire range. The day will end in one of the prettiest white towns of Andalucía, Arcos de la Frontera, perched atop a steep cliff.

  • Day 13: Pueblos Blancos - Ronda

    Pueblos Blancos - Ronda

    Today is a full day with no shortage of harmonious curves amidst the mountains range of Cadiz. The amazing landscape includes cork tree forests and Bravo bulls. It’s here where you’ll pass through the numerous "pueblos blancos" that have made this region famous. You’ll rest for the night in one of the most memorable cities in all of Spain, Ronda. Peer over the 120 meter (400 feet) cliff from the “New Bridge” (over 300 years old!), or check out the Roman Bridge that remains intact after several thousand years. You can also visit the oldest bull ring in Spain.

  • Day 14: Ronda - Málaga

    Ronda -  Málaga

    Departing Ronda you’ll head straight into the heart of the mountains, snaking on twisty roads past magnificent landscapes the whole day- mountain after mountain, town after town. You’ll arrive in Malaga with time to rest or do some last minute shopping or sightseeing. In the evening you’ll enjoy an excellent farewell dinner. Time to say “Hasta pronto!” “Until next time!”

  • Day 15: Flight home

    Flight home

    Today it’s time to head to the airport, board the plane and return home. We hope to see you again soon on our next motorcycle adventure together!

Portugal & Southern Spain Motorcycle Tour Pricing

The base price of every tour is calculated for a single rider on a BMW G310R and sharing a double room

  • Add passenger

    + 4230


  • Single Room Supplement

    + 1260


  • BMW G310R

    + 0


  • BMW F750GS

    + 350


  • BMW F800GT

    + 530


  • BMW F850GS

    + 530


  • BMW R1250RS

    + 755


  • BMW R1250GS

    + 755


  • BMW R1250GS ADV

    + 910


  • BMW S1000XR

    + 910


  • BMW R1250RT

    + 910


  • BMW K1600GT

    + 1315


Included in Tour:

  • Airport pickup on the first day of the tour.
  • Overnight accommodations in carefully selected 4 & 5 star hotels and Paradors/Pousadas (castles and palaces converted into “motorcycle friendly” boutique hotels).
  • A delicious gourmet evening meal featuring Spanish and Portuguese specialties every night (except on rest days).
  • Complete buffet breakfast every morning.
  • New model BMW motorcycle fully equipped with 3 BMW cases.
  • Tour handbook (normally about 70 pages-very comprehensive) and highlighted map.
  • Expert multilingual guide on a motorcycle.
  • Multilingual guide in support vehicle which will carry your luggage, any oversized purchases you make; or even a passenger or two.
  • Tour Souvenirs.

Not included in Tour:

  • Air ticket, lunches, gasoline, drinks, tolls, personal spending and tips