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I don’t consider myself an especially brave person, but I’ve never had a fear of flying. Not so far at least.

On my flight from Barcelona to Malaga however,

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New R1200R

February 21, 2017

BMWs water cooled R1200R is a classic, muscly roadster with modern technology. Its look is futuristic, yet retro. Gone is the old round headlight of the previous model and in its place is a light fixture more akin to a Japanese roadster.

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Why we ride

January 24, 2017

We all love riding motorcycles but why do we do it? It’s not something we often think about since we are usually too busy enjoying the many pleasures of two-wheeled travel.

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On a motorcycle trip you already have enough to occupy your mind, the weather, crazy drivers, flat tires, what to pack…and on top of that you have to research the route,

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A few pointers to make your vacation safer and easier

¿Thinking of travelling to Europe this summer and not sure about the rules? Follow our tips to ride your bike in Europe,

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