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Discover for yourself why New Zealand’s South Island is at the top of the “Bike It List” rides for motorcycle tourists from all over the world. On this fantastic 12 Day ‘New Zealand South Island Highlights’ motorcycle tour you will experience all the grandeur New Zealand’s South Island has to offer.

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The only way to really get to know Portugal is by motorcycle and this remarkable country has a lot to offer! Our Best of Portugal Motorcycle tour encompasses everything you could want to see in a country as beautiful and mesmerizing as the ancient Roman Lusitania: its fantastic beaches, dizzying cliffs, folklore, Fado music, incredible gastronomy, world-famous wines, captivating cities with centuries of history, and of course an abundance of serpentine roads for motorcycling.

Motorcycle Tour Turkey

Ride perfect roads full of curves and discover the natural beauty of lost mountain villages, ancient Greco-Roman cities and the pristine waters of the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Sunny days are the norm in this perfect climate region and its complemented by an incredible gastronomy. Last but most certainly not least are the warm, friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms and share the secrets of their ancient land and culture.


It’s no coincidence that many of the best riders in the world come from the areas around Barcelona, just a stone’s throw from the Pyrenees, the most revered mountain range amongst motorcyclists who know what they are talking about. If you are one of them, if you are the type who would like to spend 10 unforgettable, intense and exciting days on top of a motorcycle, this is the tour for you!


Join us for an incredible ride in the last true motorcycle paradise in Europe, the wild island of Sardinia. Eight days of endless curves on roads seemingly designed just for motorcyclists with perfect asphalt through rugged, sparsely inhabited mountains, where traffic is a rare sight.

Beginning and ending in the beautiful city of Barcelona, we’ll ride a few of the excellent roads frequented by the local bikers before embarking on a cruise ship that will take us through the night across the blue Mediterranean to the island of Sardinia.