Yes on all accounts.  First organized motorcycle tour; first trip to Spain and first trip to Europe!

What made you decide on signing up for the Moto GP Valencia with IMTBIKE?

I did a lot of research online to help decide.  We actually went online looking for a trip to Morocco.  Given that we’ve never been to Europe let alone on a motorcycle tour, we decided to do a tour through Spain first.  I am a regular track rider and really wanted to see a MotoGP race. This coupled with the timing with work all lined up perfectly.

Do you usually ride solo or two-up?

I usually ride two up with my wife on our tours, with the exception of all my track riding which averages 2-3 times per month.

What´s your profession?

I am a physician, but currently work in an executive position where I run a very large national physician practice.

What kind of riding do you normally do back home?

I do track days 2-3 times per month and we do longer motorcycle trips 3-4 times per year.

What surprised you the most about the roads on this Moto GP Tour?

We were blown away with the roads, the geography and the scenery.  I have never ridden such beautiful tight, twisted, technical roads and it so far exceeded my expectations.  I had always thought about the Pyrenes and the Alps for mountain riding.  I was not expecting the types of riding we were able to do.  Needless to say we were super happy!

What was your favorite food during this motorcycle tour?

All the iberico ham!!!  We went out the other night to have some again, here in the states!

Did you know what a Parador was before this tour? What did you think?

We had never heard of one!  We found them to be a great experience as they were all so different.  We would welcome the chance to stay in them again!

After this Moto GP Tour, would you do another guided tour or would you try a Self-Guided Tour?

Well, we already booked a return trip with IMT Bike for the Corsica & Sardinia tour in September of 2019!  We booked within a week of getting home which I think says something!

Was it the first time going to a Moto GP Race?

YES!  My wife wasn’t sure she’d like the race, but she loved it and wants to go again!

How to you deal with riding a motorcycle on a rainy day?

Buy good gear!  I have a Rev-It Gore Tex Suit.  Its fantastic!  If you are set up with the right waterproof gear, its not bad at all.

Can you share an anecdote from this trip with us?

We had so many stories that its hard to share just one.  We knew we were in for a great trip when we hit our first morning coffee.  It was a beautiful square that looks like it was from a movie set.  We all sat around and had some coffee and just took in the scenery.  My wife and I looked at each other and knew the rest of the trip would be awesome.

What is the next motorcycle trip that you are planning?  

IMTBIKE to Corsica and Sardinia!  Booked!

What did you like most about the Moto GP Valencia Tour ?

This trip had it all!  Beautiful roads.  Small villages and time in the mountains, time on the beach with spectacular cities and topped off with some go fast motorcycle racing!  We really got a huge cross section of experiences in Spain to enjoy the country, the riding and the people

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