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Portugal is a country that has all that is necessary for an incredible motorcycle trip. Portugal enjoys a surprising geographical variety, with an extensive coastline, the great  Tagus and Douro Rivers, and the mysterious Serra da Estrela and Monchique are the main mountain ranges. The gastronomy and extensive world-renowned wine culture, such as Ribera del Duero and Alentejo, are something that its inhabitants are very proud of, as well as their culture and their very long history. Cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Évora and Sintra among others deserve to be explored fully. The vast network of roads in Portugal will allow us to get to know the country from our motorcycles while driving on secondary roads with little traffic, and discover the friendliness of the Portuguese people. The most rural and less exploited areas of Portugal are full of secrets that must be discovered on a motorcycle trip, that is why at IMTBIKE we have up to five different tours in Portugal, for all tastes, and combined in all of them is the perfect blend of motorcycle route, culture and unforgettable landscapes.

Portugal Motorcycle Tours FAQ

How to organize a motorcycle tour through Portugal?

To organize a motorcycle tour through Portugal we must bear in mind that it is a country that, in addition to having a vast network of roads, its history and culture are also very interesting. It is advisable to dedicate a minimum of 7 days to explore the country. We make sure to visit at least half of the terrain without incorporating overly long stages. For example, riding distances of about 300km a day, we can enjoy rides on winding secondary roads and at the same time stop and enjoy some of the picturesque towns that we will find on our trip.

What are the best roads in Portugal to do on a motorcycle?

Portugal's road network is highly developed and extensive. For an unforgettable motorcycle trip, the mountain ranges of Serra da Estrela in the north, and Monchique in the south, are highly recommended. As we look at the map, we will see that both ranges have twisty local roads that, due to their mixture of technique curves and landscape, will not disappoint us. The road that follows the course of the Douro River for a good number of kilometers is also beautiful, very twisty, with the majestic presence of the river and the vineyards at all times.

How do tolls work in Portugal?

In Portugal there are two types of tolls, the usual ones with a pay booth, which work in the traditional way with cash or credit card, and electronic tolls, in which there are no pay booths, the license plates are simply recorded through cameras. These tolls are very confusing for foreigners since the form of payment is not obvious. For the Portuguese it is simple since they have the license plates of their vehicles associated with their credit cards, something that we can do even without being Portuguese thanks to the “Easytoll” application. There is another method called "Tollservice" with which we can acquire prepaid vouchers of various amounts for electronic tolls. However, to make a motorcycle route through Portugal the best option is to draw a route that avoids the highways, something that can be done without problems enjoying the large number of secondary roads that the country has to offer. In the event that your motorcycle route through Portugal is with a trip organized by IMTBIKE, we will have the help of the guides to manage the payment of the toll at all times.

How to cross Portugal on a motorcycle?

Portugal is a country that may seem small for those motorcycle travelers who come from larger countries, and some may have the idea that it can be crossed in a couple of days. There would be no problem doing it from East to West, although we would still miss valuable stops, since many places in Portugal deserve time to be explored on foot. To do it from North to South, a week or more is recommended. The N2 road from Chaves to Faro runs through the center of Portugal and using it as the axis for our motorcycle trip will allow us to discover the diversity of the country and the warmth of its people. Making a couple of detours to get to know cities like Coimbra or Évora is worth it if we don't know them.

How is the National 2 of Portugal on a motorcycle?

The National Highway 2 of Portugal divides the country into two almost perfect halves if we identify it on a map, from the Concelho de Chaves, in the North of Portugal, to Faro in the Algarve. It is more than 700km making it one of the longest roads in the world. It crosses 4 mountain ranges, 11 rivers, 11 of the 18 districts of Portugal, in addition to 3 important wine-growing areas, such as Duero, Dao and Alentejo. It was built in 1945 following ancient Roman roads and is now practically in disuse. This is due to the wide network of modern highways that attract the vast majority of traffic and leave this gem for motorcyclists. This is a clear incentive for those of us who like to travel by motorcycle.

Is the north or the south of Portugal better to do a motorcycle route?

Undoubtedly both areas of this country deserve to be visited if we want to travel by motorcycle through Portugal. The North and South of Portugal are very different when it comes to traveling by motorcycle, the north being much more populated, and also with more roads and highways. In the north of Portugal there are more mountain roads, and winding stretches along rivers than in the south, also more forests and vegetation and even the remains of an ancient glaciers in Serra da Estrela. The South of Portugal is generally much flatter and drier than the North. Even so, we will find the Serras de Monchique and Caldeirao, which will make us smile in our helmet as we cross them on a motorcycle. Plains, agricultural areas, and picturesque towns run along small roads between the hills. The coastline in Southern Portugal is spectacular and under-exploited in the west. The southern coast, from Punta Sagres to the east is the Algarve region, and is more populated.

How to do a guided motorcycle tour in Portugal?

When deciding on a guided motorcycle tour through Portugal, it is best to contact companies specializing in the sector. IMTBIKE has been running tours in Portugal for many years, its guides are experts who know the roads of Portugal, as well as its culture and gastronomy. Thanks to this, IMTBIKE offers several different organized motorcycle routes in Portugal, to be chosen according to the tastes or needs of the participants. You can make the trip with your own motorcycle, or with an impeccable BMW that IMTBIKE can provide you from its large fleet of BMWs, and your luggage will be comfortably transported in the support vehicle. Nor will you have to think about looking for accommodation, since the organized motorcycle tour includes top-notch hotels and restaurants, as well as free days in destinations of interest. It is best to check the IMTBIKE.com website and contact the office for more information.

How to prepare a motorcycle trip along the coast of Portugal?

Portugal has about 1800km of coastline and offers very diverse and beautiful landscapes for a motorcycle tour. There is much to see, and unless we have many days, it is advisable to do it in parts, North and South for example. We will find majestic cliffs, beautiful beaches, very sparsely inhabited and quiet areas, as well as other more exploited and exclusive areas such as the Algarve, Estoril and Cascais. Not forgetting the starting points of two important rivers of the Iberian Peninsula such as the Duero and the Tagus, and the famous waves of Nazaré, which attract surfers from all over the world. When traveling by motorcycle, we must bear in mind that even with so much coastline; Portugal does not have many coastal roads. The numerous rocky cliffs have made it impossible to create a road that goes along the Atlantic for very long. Sometimes we will have to follow roads parallel to the coast and make small detours to enjoy magical places.

How much does an organized motorcycle trip in Portugal cost?

In IMTBIKE the tours calendar offers up to 5 different Tours in Portugal, "The Essence of Portugal" is the most economical tour since it is the shortest with 9 days. Prices start at around € 3,000, including the base BMW motorcycle, 2 expert guides, a support vehicle, a well-crafted motorcycle route design, and a selection of boutique hotels, Pousadas and first-rate restaurants.

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10 tips for motorcycling in Portugal

Always have a rain suit on hand. The motorcycle’s topcase is the best place to keep it for easy access. The Portuguese climate is usually hot and dry in the interior, especially in spring and summer, but the Atlantic facade is more humid, and it is not uncommon to see cloud dancing, making unexpected rain more likely.

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Why do we have 5 guided motorcycle routes in Portugal?

With an area five times smaller than that of Spain, Portugal offers an endless array of sites that can be visited on one of our guided tours. With eight natural parks and hundreds of kilometers of twisty roads that cross the whole country, we can ride from the beautiful Atlantic Coast to the mountains and from the mountains to centuries-old cities full of history without getting off the motorcycle.

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