Motorcycle tours in Northern Spain & Pyrenees

If you look at a map of northern Spain, many interesting impressions will jump out at you. Perhaps what most catches your attention is the vast coastline, or maybe the mountainous geography of the Galician estuaries as they work their way inland—characteristic of the Atlantic and Asturian coasts. Along the Cantabrian and Euskadi in Basque Country, also known as Costa Verde, there are more uniform lines with spectacular cliffs and hidden coves. This region offers us more than 500km of coastline and is considered the most spectacular and best preserved in Spain.

So, we have thousands of kilometers of coastline to in the north of Spain to travel on our guided motorcycle tours with IMTBIKE. Impressive, right? But wait, there’s more!

The northern half of Spain is characterized by its mountain systems. From west to east, we have: the Cantabrian mountain range, the Picos de Europa, part of the Iberian System, and the imposing Pyrenees. At 3404m, the Aneto is the highest of the peaks in the entire north of the peninsula.

Thanks to the numerous rivers and their tributaries, this whole area is dominated by a never-ending field of green, dazzling in its intensity. Scattered among it are valleys dotted with charming towns and bustling villages, brimming with culture and excitement. This is the perfect reason to ride on the roads which follow the flow of these rivers, while enjoying all of the sights and stops along the way.

On a guided motorcycle route with IMTBIKE through the northern Spain, you have the opportunity to visit some of the most remote, mysterious, and legendary places in old Europe. The Camino de Santiago is the perfect example of this, just to name one.

At IMTBIKE, we never miss a chance to show our clients all of the main attractions, but also the best hidden gems.

This territory is so extensive that the beauty and intrigue varies widely from area to area. This allows us to divide the region into several different tours so as not to miss a single detail. IMTBIKE offers two tours of different durations along the Pyrenees, and another which runs along the entire coast and Cantabrian Mountains to explore the area just north of Portugal and the French border. We also offer a personalized tour, which combines our three northern tours into one 24-day super tour for those do don’t want to miss a single thing.

Four different IMTBIKE motorcycle routes with the same goal: fun, excellence, and comfort. Out experienced guides will make travelling through the north of Spain on a motorcycle an experience you’ll never forget!

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