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For a motorcycle trip in Morocco, it is essential to have all of the necessary documents in order— both for the driver and the motorcycle. This may include a visa based on your country of origin, so be sure to check that out! Meanwhile, Moroccan customs is modernizing day-by-day. Increasingly, the police officers are younger and more knowledgeable in multiple languages. Once there, remember that you cannot take photographs or videos in the border areas, and that drones are prohibited in Morocco.

The best motorcycle routes in Morocco start on the north coast. In this area, we’ll eat delicious seafood dishes, freshly caught that very same morning. The menu here is different from what you’d expect when thinking of traditional Moroccan food, but we’ll have plenty of that later! The roads here are busy such as that which ascends to Chefchaouen— the magical blue town of the Rif Mountains. This is a very special place to visit for a multitude of reasons.

Further south, the road to the Atlas Mountains is the winding meeting point between the bustling north and the Sahara Desert, with all its oases and own unique Berber culture. The traditional lifestyle still present in the desert invites us to relax and pause. From the Atlas Mountains to the south, the state of the roads continues to improve every year.

Morocco covers such a vast range of territory that it offers tremendous landscape and weather contrasts. Accordingly, come prepared for high temperatures in the south and the rain and low temperatures in the mountains and in the north. On a Moroccan motorcycle trip with IMTBIKE, the route we have prepared covers more than 10 km at an altitude that ranges between 1,800 and 2,200 meters high. This route crosses a high plateau with a lunar aspect, offering us amazing landscapes and incomparable views.

And back to the key question: How to prepare for your motorcycle trip in Morocco in light of all these details and elements?

We must arrive properly prepared in order to experience as much as possible. Pick your clothing carefully. Bring clothing for warm weather, as well as cold, and be sure to pack a rain suit— which is always a good idea anyway, just in case! You should also bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and lip balm.

There is a lot to see in Morocco on a motorcycle, and on a trip with IMTBIKE, anything is possible. In the same day, you may touch the snow in the morning and sleep in the desert at night.

Another major reason to visit Morocco on your next motorcycle trip is that there are so many vibrant cities to explore—especially the four imperial cities. Fez, with its labyrinthine alleyways, is always an adventure. Outside of the cities, the amazing landscape is second to none. The Atlas Mountains, the Moroccan Coast with all its colonial charm, and the unforgettable experience of watching the sunset from the dunes of the Sahara Desert are all yours for the taking. Not to mention the Valley of the Roses and the impressive Gorges of the Dades and Todra!

When it comes to Western tourism, Morocco is the safest Muslim country there is. However, precautions should be taken when it comes to the water. Always drink bottled water and avoid eating raw salads or unpeeled fruit that may have been washed with un-bottled water. And when traveling through large cities, remember that despite the Highway Code and associated rules being similar to our own in theory, it doesn’t quite shake out that way in practice. In Morocco, the largest vehicle always takes precedence over the smaller ones. On the expressways, particularly in the south, traffic is calmer and the roads are constantly being improved.

In any case, on any IMTBIKE motorcycle tour, our guides understand fully all safety measures and protocol! You can rest easy knowing that your North African adventure is going to be safe, fun, and comfortable.

We can’t wait for you to discover this enchanting country with us!

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