27/06/2012 - We’re suckers for a love story! And when the passion for motorcycles combines with the passion two people share for each other, then that is really the ultimate love story!

This was the case for Angélica and André, a Brazilian couple who rented a R1200GS in Madrid to ride through Spain and Portugal, and who, to our surprise, told us that they were on their honeymoon. Nothing could be more original and romantic given their story.

Angélica and André had been friends for a long time, although they were never a couple before 2011, and they finally married in 2012.

They share a great passion for motorcycles. André, a professional pilot for a Brazilian airline, has ridden most of Brazil and South America, including the Atacama Desert in Chile, while Angélica rides daily to work or to the university.

They tell us that their passion for motorcycles was a decisive factor in their relationship and André says that “I couldn’t be happy travelling and enjoying the road, alone or with friends, while leaving my wife at home”. Angélica tells us that, although she loves to ride, she does not mind being André’s passenger, enjoying the scenery.

After many miles ridden together in Brazil, they decided to spend their honeymoon on two wheels, exploring Spain and Portugal. They opted for a R1200GS from the IMTBike fleet. They tell us that “the ease with which one can rent a bike through IMTBike’s website and the convenience of being attended to in Portuguese were determining factors in our choosing IMTBike to realize our dream to ride in Europe, and this is why I would recommend IMTBike to my Brazilian riding friends.”

IMTBike is delighted to be part of stories as nice as this one and we hope to see André and Angelica again very soon in one of our rental stations in Spain or Portugal.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness together on two wheels!

Bruno Picanço · 22/08/2012

Realmente uma ótima história e exemplo de como aproveitar as duas grandes paixões de um homem motociclista a esposa e a moto ! Parabéns !

accurateautobody · 06/07/2012

Nothing is as exciting when people have the same passion. They both loved motorcycles, so thats incredibly astounding!

Norma Oliveira Duailibi · 04/07/2012


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