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Few things are more exciting to our fans than witnessing a MotoGP race live. The official MotoGP Calendar gives us no less than four races each year in Spanish territory and all of them are recognized in the championship as some of the best organized and with the greatest racetrack atmosphere. So, they are guaranteed to be fun and exciting. At IMTBIKE we offer three different motorcycle routes with MotoGP races, combining unimaginable routes on mountain roads and visiting fantastic places, with incredible tickets included in Jerez, Montmeló and Cheste. We are already warming up engines. You’re not going to miss the excitement, are you?

MotoGP Motorcycle Tours FAQ

What MotoGP Grand Prix are included in the IMTBIKE tours?

At IMTBIKE we have 3 tours that combine route and MotoGP Races with great tickets included in:
- Jerez Grand Prix
- Grand Prize of the Valencian Community
- Grand Prix of Catalonia

What is the MotoGP calendar?

The MotoGP calendar may vary slightly each year, with new circuit additions, but the MotoGP races that we incorporate into IMTBIKE tours are usually stable on the calendar. The first weekend of May the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix takes place in Jerez; in early / mid-June the Grand Prix of Catalonia in Montmeló and in early / mid-November the Grand Prix of the Valencian Community in Cheste.

How much are MotoGP tickets?

The price of the tickets is highly variable and depends mainly on three factors. The first is that each racetrack sets their own price range. Second, within each racetrack, you have two types of tickets: the Pelouse ticket, with no assigned seat which is cheaper, or the regular ticket with an assigned seat that has a higher price. And, finally, within the latter, there will be a difference depending on the section you choose. Taking all these variables into account, we can find tickets from € 65 to € 200.

Do I have to buy my own ticket for the MotoGP?

No. You don't have to worry about it. IMTBIKE is responsible for acquiring the tickets, which is also included in the price of the tour, so you do not have to make any extra expenses. They will always be tickets in the best stands.

What is the best MotoGP grandstand on each circuit? What grandstands does the ticket include for the races included in the MotoGP Tours?

Best of all, thanks to the extensive experience of many of our guides as racetrack instructors and their long tradition watching MotoGP races on those tracks (some even competing), they know exactly which is the best grandstand, the most comfortable and from which one the passing can be seen. So, with IMTBIKE you will undoubtedly be in the best place on each track. The one where the true experts always are.

What is the MotoGP race schedule?

Times may vary from track to track on the MotoGP calendar. Although they are quite stable. On race Sundays they usually start with the first Warm Up at 9:00 in the morning until approximately 10:20 when the MotoGP warm Up ends.
Races usually have this schedule:
- Moto3 11:00
- Moto2 12:20
- MotoGP 14:00

What route does the MotoGP Valencia tour include?

The IMTBIKE MotoGP Valencia motorcycle route is the only linear route on our calendar, starting from Barcelona and ending in Malaga. Both cities, by themselves, are worth a visit, with the addition of having an international airport. Due to its late celebration at the end of the year, in November, the MotoGP Valencia race is complemented by a fantastic route through the unknown and lonely Mediterranean mountain ranges that lead from north to south, combining sun-drenched mountain roads with coastal enclaves overlooking the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect motorcycle route with all the natural charm of autumn and its spectacular landscapes.

What route does the MotoGP Catalunya tour include?

The IMTBIKE MotoGP Catalunya motorcycle route is scheduled in June, as it is the date of the Montmeló Grand Prix, and is perfect for exploring the Pyrenees mountain range, one of the most desired destinations for motorcyclists from all over the world. A circular motorcycle route through the best mountain passes, including the most famous of the cycling races of the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. But also, through the most spectacular valleys of the Pyrenees and medieval villages and castles. An unforgettable motorcycle route that begins and ends in Barcelona and the icing on the cake is the MotoGP Races at the end of the tour.

What route does the MotoGP Spain tour include?

Thanks to the date of the race in May, the IMTBIKE MotoGP Spain motorcycle route allows us to enjoy the best time of year to do a motorcycle route through Andalucía in Southern Spain. The explosion of greenery and the abundance of nature, together with more than pleasant temperatures for riding a motorcycle, are a perfect complement to what the Andalusian lands have to offer: an ideal combination of history, charming cities, kind and friendly people, the best tapas in the world and unforgettable roads.

What do you have to wear to a MotoGP race?

We recommend that you visit the blog that we have posted on this website with the recommendations that the IMTBIKE guides suggest for you to attend a MotoGP race with all the guarantees of enjoying the show in the best conditions. The great experience of our guides will be very useful for sure.


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MotoGP Motorcycle Tours Tips

10 tips for going to the racetrack to see a MotoGP Race

A weekend at the MotoGP races is the perfect plan for motorcyclists. Going to the track to enjoy with all your senses the excitement of the races of the best riders in the world fighting on the fastest motorcycles on the planet, has no equal. But, in addition, at IMTBIKE we offer the complete experience: the adrenaline of MotoGP racing combined with an exceptional motorcycle route. It is important to arrive at the circuit well prepared, with everything ready and with clear ideas, so that your experience is exactly what you want! At IMTBIKE we want to share our experience with you by giving these tips, so that your motorcycle trip is enjoyed fully.

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