Skill Level: Advanced

Touring Roads: 40%

Challenging Roads: 60%


History / Culture:

Riding Time: 6 - 8 hours


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Exotic Thailand Motorcycle Tour

Captivate the Senses


Thailand, the country of smiles, is one of the dream destinations for motorcyclists everywhere. In Thailand you’ll find gems such as the Mae Hon Song Loop, known as one of the 10 best riding roads in the world. During this fantastic and exotic 14 day motorcycle tour you’ll visit the famous Amphawa floating Market, take an elephant ride and feel the country’s rich history come alive while visiting small villages and experiencing the magic of its traditions.

Royal Palaces, stunning waterfalls, Chinese cities, interesting museums, tea plantations…and much more is yours to be discovered on the Exotic Thailand motorcycle tour! We’ve prepared a carefully designed route visiting all the most interesting parts of the country and of course the best motorcycling roads Thailand has to offer.

This tour is a collaboration between IMTBIKE and the best BMW Official Partner in Thailand to insure the highest quality in lodging, BMW motorcycles and professional guides to offer you the best possible experience for this unique adventure.

If you like a little bit of adventure, the best motorcycling roads and delicious Asian cuisine, this is the perfect opportunity!

IMTBike ROUTE rating

It is essential to know the different skill levels needed to participate in the IMTBIKE TOURS that are offered to you. IMTBIKE makes sure that it offers different tours for all riding styles and levels. The IMTBIKE team always works diligently in designing our routes. This is a laborious process which entails reviewing all road choices before selecting the best option for an IMTBIKE tour.

The most experienced motorcyclists looks for roads that require technical skill; narrow twisty roads with little traffic and endless curves. But these same roads would be too difficult for a less experienced rider.

The local driving habits, the amount of traffic, the asphalt quality and the radius of the curves vary considerably from country to country and even in different regions of the same country. They will also vary depending on the season of the year. All of these factors have been studied by IMTBIKE and have been taken into consideration when rating our tours.

IMTBIKE thinks it is also important to know about the different types of roads you will be enjoying on your tour. To understand the road types easier, IMTBIKE has divided them into two categories, and we have calculated an approximate percentage of each on all of our tours.

  1. TOURING ROADS: These are wider roads comprised mainly of larger radius sweepers. They are still curvy roads but not tight mountainous twisty curves. Please remember that you will ride very few straight roads on IMTBIKE tours!
  2. CHALLENGING ROADS: These are roads that are tight twisty turns which require more technical skill. Many times they will be narrower roads without a shoulder and sometimes with steep inclines or descents. Normally they will be mountainous roads accompanied by spectacular sceneries.

If you have never ridden a motorcycle outside of your country, or if you have little experience riding on mountain roads with many curves, we recommend that you choose a tour rated moderate or intermediate. If you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are always happy to answer your questions to make sure that you choose the best tour for your riding level.


This route offers wider sweeping turns that are easy to maneuver. This route may have some tighter turns in a few places but this will be the exception. Regardless, even on moderate tours you must be able to ride a large cylinder motorcycle in any condition. Never plan to learn how to ride a motorcycle on an IMTBIKE tour. We recommend having a minimum of 8.000 km (5.000 miles) of experience riding a large cylinder motorcycle to participate on a MODERATE rated IMTBIKE Tour and you should ride a motorcycle on a regular basis at home.


This route rating can have sections of very twisty curves on narrow roads with no center line to divide the road. There will also wider radius curves on these routes. Traffic conditions can be intense at times in some urban environments and the local driving habits may seem aggressive and unpredictable to you. It is imperative that you are an experienced motorcyclist. We recommend that you have a minimum of 12.000 km (7500 miles) of large cylinder motorcycle experience to participate on a INTERMEDIATE rated IMTBIKE Tour and you should ride a motorcycle on a regular basis at home.


This route rating has long sections of technical narrow twisty roads and sometimes single lane roads. These twisty roads will often be in mountains where steep inclines and descents will be commonplace. Some riding days can be long and challenging. Traffic conditions can be intense at times in some urban environments and the local driving habits may seem aggressive and unpredictable to you. It is imperative that you are a very experienced motorcyclist on a large cylinder motorcycle. We recommend that you have a minimum of 16.000 km (10.000 miles) of large cylinder motorcycle experience on an ADVANCE rated IMTBIKE Tour and of course you should ride a motorcycle on a regular basis at home.

IMTBIKE Average Daily Riding Hours

5 to 7 hours
6 to 8 hours
7 to 9 hours

How many hours a day you ride on a tour is important information in helping you decide on the right IMTBIKE tour for you. Some tour members want to ride as many hours as possible everyday, while others prefer to stop more frequently and dedicate more time to enjoying the scenery, visiting cultural sights and arrive at the hotel earlier to relax before dinner. The daily riding hours are calculated including the coffee breaks and photo stops but they do not include the time taken for lunch.

Normally we’ll start our riding day at 9:30am and we will take about a one hour lunch break sometime between 1pm and 2pm. So if the daily riding hours for a given tour are 5-7, then you will arrive at the hotel between 3:30pm- 5:30pm depending on the average speed of the group.

Tour Facts

  • Start / End Bangkok/ Bangkok
    Total Distance 2384 km / 1481 miles
  • Total Time 15 Days
    Riding Days 12 Days
  • Rest Days 1 Pai
    Breakfast 14 Included Breakfasts
  • Dinners 13 Lunches, 14 Dinners
    Daily Mileage 170 km / 88 miles
  • Hotel Overnights 13 Nights
    Riding Season Winter
  • Highlights:  Ban Monghang Hot Springs, Chiang Khong, Boundary Point Thailand, Laos, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Elephant Ride, Huai Nam Dang National Park, Bridge of the River Kwai, Opium Museum, Pang Tong Highland Royal Development Project & Royal Palace, Riding in the Golden Triangle, Sukhothai Historical Park(UNESCO Heritage Sight)*Tam Pla National Park “Pang Ung”, Three Pagodas Pass and much more
    Accommodations:  Amazing 4 stars hotels.

From: € 6275

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Daily Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok
  • Day 2: Bangkok- guided city tour and river cruise – transfer to Amphawa
  • Day 3: Amphawa - Kanchanaburi
  • Day 4: Kanchanaburi - Sangkhlaburi
  • Day 5: Sangkhlaburi - Nakonsawan
  • Day 6: Nakonsawan - Sukhothai
  • Day 7: Sukhothai - Mae Sot
  • Day 8: Mae Sot - Mae Sariang
  • Day 9: Mae Sariang - Mae Hong Son
  • Day 10: Mae Hong Son - Pai
  • Day 11: Pai: Rest Day
  • Day 12: Pai - Pong Khai
  • Day 13: Pong Khai - Doi Tung
  • Day 14: Doi Tung - Chiang Khong
  • Day 15: Flight Chiang Khong – Bangkok-Flight home.
  • Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok

    Arrival in Bangkok

    Transfer included from the Airport to the base hotel in Bangkok. You will have some free time to relax or do some sightseeing before the welcome briefing. After the briefing we will enjoy a welcome dinner in a traditional restaurant..

  • Day 2: Bangkok- guided city tour and river cruise – transfer to Amphawa

    Bangkok- guided city tour and river cruise – transfer to Amphawa

    Today we will exploring Bangkok. We will enjoy a guided city tour and a river dinner cruise before transferring to Amphawa where our motorcycles are waiting for us.

  • Day 3: Amphawa - Kanchanaburi

    Amphawa - Kanchanaburi

    Depart Amphawa, visit floating market, Kanchanaburi War
    Cemetery, Bridge over the River Kwai, Death Railway. Resort on the Kwai River.

  • Day 4: Kanchanaburi - Sangkhlaburi

    Kanchanaburi - Sangkhlaburi

    Early start, Elephant camp, Hell Fire Pass Museum or dirt road in the jungle along the reservoir, Three Pagodas Pass, Sunken Temple.

  • Day 5: Sangkhlaburi - Nakonsawan

    Sangkhlaburi - Nakonsawan

    Wooden Mon Bridge, dirt road, ferry crossing, Mountain road cross into the Northern part of Thailand.

  • Day 6: Nakonsawan - Sukhothai

    Nakonsawan - Sukhothai

    Today we ride along the Ping river to Kamphang Phet then to Sukhothai. In Sukhothai we visit Sukhothai Historical Park, Sri Chum Temple.

  • Day 7: Sukhothai - Mae Sot

    Sukhothai - Mae Sot

    A visit to the Sukhothai Historical Park before departing to Mae Sot. Along the way visit hill tribes market, Mae Sot boundary post TH/MY.

  • Day 8: Mae Sot - Mae Sariang

    Mae Sot - Mae Sariang

    A early start from Mae Sot to Mae Sariang on R105 to Mae Ramat District stop at Mae La Temporary Shelter Area, Mae Usu Cave.

  • Day 9: Mae Sariang - Mae Hong Son

    Mae Sariang - Mae Hong Son

    Continue on R105 to Mae Hong Son the world famous
    1864 curves along the way we visit hot spring, Karen Long Neck village.

  • Day 10: Mae Hong Son - Pai

    Mae Hong Son - Pai

    Departing from “The City of three mists” to a small hippies town Pai. Along the way visit waterfalls, Royal Palace, Chinese village, Coffins Cave.

  • Day 11: Pai - rest day

    Pai - rest day

    Today we will enjoy our rest day. City tour around hippie town to the water falls, temples, Chinese villages, WWII Bridge, hot spring, elephant ride or relax poolside.

  • Day 12: Pai - Pong Khai

    Pai - Pong Khai

    Today we have 2 route options. Route I crossing mountain via dirt tracks, route II on R1095. Both are quite beautiful once arrive we visit the Ankhang Station Royal Project.

  • Day 13: Pong Khai - Doi Tung

    Pong Khai - Doi Tung

    Today, we depart to Doi Tung. Along the way we visit The First Royal Factory Museum, Doi Mae Salong tea plantations, Mae Fah Luang

  • Day 14: Doi Tung - Chiang Khong

    Doi Tung - Chiang Khong

    From Doi Tung ride along the border bell to Mae Sai boundary post and continue to visit the Hall of Opium and Golden Triangle then continue along the Mekong river to Chiang Khong.

  • Day 15: Flight Chiang Khong – Bangkok-Flight home.

    Flight Chiang Khong – Bangkok-Flight home.

    Departure day. Shuttle bus will take you to Chiang Khong airport for a local flight back to Bangkok in the morning (This flight is included in the tour price). You can schedule your flight home from Bangkok this afternoon.

Exotic Thailand Motorcycle Tour Pricing

The base price of every tour is calculated for a single rider on a BMW G310R and sharing a double room

  • Add passenger

    + 3825


  • Single Room Supplement

    + 1000


  • BMW G310R

    + 0


  • BMW F700GS

    + 185


  • BMW F800GS

    + 365


  • BMW F850GS

    + 540


  • BMW R1200GS

    + 630


  • BMW R1250GS

    + 705


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Included in Tour:

  • Domestic flight from Chiang Khong to Bangkok on last day of tour.
  • Overnight accommodations in high quality hotels.
  • Complete buffet breakfast every morning at hotels.
  • Lunches
  • A delicious traditional Thai meal every night. (Except on rest days.)
  • New model BMW motorcycle fully equipped with a BMW topbox.
  • Guided tour
  • Comprehensive insurance with 1,200 Euro deductible.
  • Tour handbook (normally about 70 pages-very comprehensive) and map.
  • Support vehicle which will carry your luggage, any oversized purchases you make, or even a passenger or two.
  • Tolls on highways.
  • Custom designed and printed t-shirt.
  • All taxes included.

Not included in Tour:

  • International airfare.
  • Fuel.
  • Dinners on rest days.
  • Drinks during meals.
  • Personal expenses.