Rewards FAQ

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If you still have unanswered questions please contact us by email or by phone at (+34) 91 633 72 22.

  • How do I see how many points I have?

    It is very easy, you can check the points you have accumulated on MyIMTBike with your username and password.

  • Do I need to sign up somewhere to start accumulating Rewards Points?

    No, you do not have to sign up to enjoy the benefits of IMTBIKE Rewards. All tour members and renters that have ridden with us since 2007 already have points accumulated. All new tour members and renters will automatically be registered and accumulate points!

  • How do I exchange my points for a discount?

    You can easily exchange your points for a discount off your next rental or tour when you fill out the booking form. Once you have logged in with your username and password, you’ll see how many points you have available and you can choose how many you would like to exchange at that moment. You’ll see the discount applied immediately to the final price.

  • Can I transfer my points to somebody else?

    No, Rewards Points are non-transferable.

  • When do points become available to use?

    You accumulate Rewards Points every time you tour or rent from us. Seven days after the tour or rental is over, the new accumulated points become available.

  • Is there a maximum number of points that can be earned?

    There is no limit to how many points you can earn.

  • How long will the IMTBIKE Rewards Program be active?

    The IMTBIKE Rewards Program has been created as an integral part of our rentals and tours and is here to stay. Never the less, IMTBIKE reserves the right to cancel or modify the program at any moment as established in our terms and conditions.

  • When do my points expire?

    IMTBIKE Rewards Points expire three years after becoming available if they are not used. All clients with existing points have until March 1st 2019 to take advantage of their current points.

    The expiration date is applied according to the date the booking form is submitted. For example, if you have points that expire in March, 2019, you will need to sign up for a tour or rental before then. Even if the tour or rental is after that date, as long as you make the reservation before then they will still be valid.