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Our beloved old continent of Europe is a motorcycle tourism paradise. However, it is not the same everywhere; there is much variation in the kind of adventure you’ll have based on the geography of your location.

The vast majority of mountain ranges—and, therefore, the most tempting motorcycle routes–are in the south of Europe. With the Iberian Peninsula as the main bastion for mountainous riding, the other best motorcycle routes are to be found in the south of France and in the north of Italy. Although the Alps throughout Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and southern Germany are appealing, it is only advisable to travel them on a motorcycle in the summer from a purely weather-related perspective.

By that same token, the weather is another key factor in what makes a motorcycle trip through southern Europe such an incredible experience. The south of France and the north of Italy have a wide range of months in which you can travel by motorcycle in comfort and safety. In fact, from early spring to late fall, there are a total of eight to nine months in which we can travel here by motorcycle.

A motorcycle adventure through this region is a gift for the senses. And the fair weather also means that we can repeat the same route in different seasons and be greeted by a totally new experience in a changed landscape.

Between the explosion of greenery and wild flowers in spring and the chromatic ecstasy of autumn, the most difficult decision you have to make is when to go.

For any other questions, we’ve answered the most frequent of them below for your convenience.

France, Italy & Alps Motorcycle Tours FAQ

What are the best motorcycle routes in Europe?

In our opinion, there are four major areas that make for the ideal motorcycle route through Europe. Each of them deserves a complete trip—maybe even more than one!
According to our experience and knowledge, we’ve divided them into four blocks, each with their own respective areas:

1. Alps: Dolomites, Maritime Alps, Swiss Alps
2. South of France: Provence, Massif Central, Languedoc, Pyrenees, Côte d'Azur
3. Central / North Italy: Tuscany, Piedmont, Ligurian Riviera, Apennines
4. Islands of Sardinia and Corsica: Gennargentu Natural Park, Corse Natural Park

What are the best motorcycle routes in the Alps?

Although the expansive Alpine Mountains bless us with a wide range of beautiful routes, it is our belief that it is best to plan your motorcycle trip in the Alps through only the best sections of each area, or simply through those passes and valleys that most appeal to what you’re seeking. We recommend a minimum of twelve days in order to do this, starting from a nearby entry point. And of course, any alpine route worth doing should include iconic mountain passes such as Stelvio or Sella in Italy, Nufenenpass or Furkapass in Switzerland, or Col de l’Iseran and Col du Galibier in France. Even with personal desires and preferences factoring in, we will rarely be disappointed here!

What are the best motorcycle routes in the south of France?

You’re guaranteed to have an incredible motorcycle trip through the south of France practically wherever you go, so long as you avoid the main roads and immerse yourself in France’s extensive secondary road network.
Southern France is a must-see in every motorcycle lover’s lifetime. From the Eastern Pyrenees, towering Alpes-Maritimes, and iconic Montblanc to the incredible roads of the Massif Central with all its spectacular gorges and canyons, the possibilities when riding in Southern France are endless. Throw in the otherworldly natural beauty and mouth-watering cuisine in such famed locations as Provence, and this is a trip you’ll be talking about for years to come.

What are the best motorcycle routes in Provence?

Provence and the Côte d'Azur are the ideal locations for motorcycle trips through Europe. They provide a variety of landscapes that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else! From the old papal headquarters of Avignon to the beaches of Nice, we will cover a territory that delights the senses.
The impressive cliffs of the Grand Canyon du Verdon give way to aromatic fields of lavender and imposing mountain passes in the foothills of the Maritime Alps, as well as bucolic vineyards. Come experience it for yourself and discover why we say that Provence never disappoints!

What are the best motorcycle routes in central and northern Italy?

It is impossible not to fall for Italy’s charms—it is a country that possesses a striking and powerful beauty that is only complimented by the friendliness of its people, delicious cuisine, and impressive historical and artistic heritage. A motorcycle trip in Italy must include the area around the Ligurian Riviera. Its towering cliffs stand in contrast against the blue of the Mediterranean and houses in the villages beyond. All of these are connected by secondary roads with panoramic views that are sure to take your breath away. And don’t forget the Apennine Mountains! This charming and quiet massif sits in the northern part of the country and gives way to Tuscany. Riding a motorcycle here is truly unforgettable. The roads run between vineyards and forests and lead to cities that are full of history and each more beautiful than the last. Siena and Florence, in particular, are two stops that we never miss!

What is the best motorcycle route in Tuscany?

Although Tuscany is a joy to simply wander around and get lost in, there are motorcycle routes here that we consider essential! A ride through the Chianti wine region is one that we can never get enough of. It is a succession of fun, winding roads through a region filled with vineyards and dense patches of forests. And of course, obligatory stops for delicious local wine or other culinary delights in myriad charming small towns along the way are all a part of the plan! Also not to be missed are the winding Tuscan roads linking the medieval walled cities of Lucca, San Gimignano, and Siena.

What is the best motorcycle route in Corsica?

We like to say that the satellite view of Corsica looks like a giant slice of the Alps was cut and deposited it in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is a wild and tremendously mountainous island. And to us, nothing is more attractive than that when it comes to a European motorcycle tour! The best routes on Corsica are concentrated on its north and west coasts, where the roads almost seem to hang from the cliffs and contrast magnificently with the green of the forests and blue of the sea. We’ll explore the territory of Corse Natural Park in the heart of the island, where it is difficult to believe that we’re not in the French pre-Alpine area. This region is resplendent with gorges, lush woodlands, and high mountains. There is not a single kilometer of motorway in Corsica, so come prepared for lots of curves!

What is the best motorcycle route in Sardinia?

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is a gem to behold and a pleasure to explore on a motorcycle trip. It possesses everything we love about continental Italy, but without the crowd of tourists-- especially when we go outside of the summer season. The best motorcycle routes in Sardinia can be found in the territory around Gennargentu. This national park is full of wild and scenic beauty and contains a network of roads that run throughout all its corners, making it our ideal motorcycle route. The coastal roads along Sardinia’s western shoreline are also make for a premium riding experience here.

Is it possible to combine the islands of Corsica and Sardinia in a single motorcycle trip?

Not only is it possible, we highly recommend it! However, you must have a certain number of days available in order to do the trip justice and get the full experience. We recommend a 12-day tour at a minimum.
Sardinia is accessible by boat from Spain, Italy, and France. Corsica, on the other hand, is accessible only from Italy and France. In order to combine the two islands into one trip, we cross the Strait of Bonifacio via a small ferry. The trip takes just under an hour, and connects Bonifacio to Santa Teresa de Gallura, and vice versa.

10. Differences between touring Corsica and Sardinia by motorcycle.

Though their close proximity may make you think the two islands are similar to one another, this is not the case. You have the opportunity to enjoy two very different experiences on this motorcycle trip.
Sardinia is less mountainous, and those mountains it does have are lower. However, it covers a larger territory, which means less arduous motorcycle routes. There are also highways here that cross the island from end-to-end, acting as a safety net in case any road is closed or we need to quickly get somewhere.
Corsica, on the other hand, is wilder and full of ancient routes. The roads are much more twisty, requiring a slower and more careful pace. Although the level of asphalt is generally good, it does not reach the same level of excellence of that found on Sardinia.
The landscapes in Corsica are spectacular, with high-altitude mountains along the coastline and lush forests that will take your breath away. You’ll also find the people and gastronomy here marked by island character.

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Why is an organized motorcycle tour of Corsica and Sardinia worth it?

There are so many reasons to take an organized motorcycle trip in Europe! But we’ll try to keep this blog a reasonable length by listing only our top four. Zero Stress: Knowing that you are in the hands of a seasoned, professional team that takes care of every last detail allows you to relax and focus all your energy on enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Knowledge: All routes are designed by local professionals who know the terrain, in partnership with the guides who will ride with you and know all the history, culture, cuisine, traditions, and more. This allows you to experience these locations as authentically and comprehensively as possibly. Experience: Avoid mistakes that, no matter how small, can spoil a day-- or even an entire trip! We’ve already done all of the hard work for you. For example, we know the best times to visit all the major attractions without a crowd, the restaurants with the best value for your money, when the standard eating times are for each location, etc. Making the most of time: With the knowledge and experience of our full team behind you, you’re free to make the most of your trip. From development to organization to execution, we’ll take care of every step. Use your time to do what really matters—relax and enjoy!

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