Central Spain Motorcycle Tours

A motorcycle tour through central Spain is truly an unforgettable experience. Less explored than the north and south of the country, Central Spain offers everything a motorcyclist could dream of and more!

Few places offer such a rich combination of variety in landscapes, history, cuisine, culture, and roads as Central Spain.

We will traverse the diverse terrains of Castilla and Extremadura—the regions that comprise Central Spain. The plains of La Mancha transport us to the land of Don Quixote, where the famed windmills remain. The majestic mountain ranges of the Central and Iberian mountain ranges offer pristine roads full of curves and surrounded by dense forests. The banks of such notable rivers as the Duero or the Tagus provide gentle, winding roads guarded by endless elm groves and world-famous vineyards.

Additionally, Castilla earned its name for good reason. You will see countless castles throughout your motorcycle tour here! You will also have the opportunity to take in cities with rich histories and ancient beauty, such as Toledo, Guadalupe, Trujillo, Cáceres, Cuenca, and Salamanca.

Add to this the region’s welcoming residents and delicious cuisine, and you will always find a reason to come back to travel by motorcycle in Central Spain.

Central Spain Motorcycle Tours FAQ

What are the best motorcycle routes near Madrid?

There are a number of excellent motorcycle routes a few kilometers away from the bustling city of Madrid. Those that run through the Sierra de Guadarrama, just north of the Spanish capital, are particular favorites of ours. And a little further away, but still well within range for a motorcycle day trip, we have the Montes de Toledo or the Alcarria area in Guadalajara.

What are the best motorcycle routes through the Sierra de Madrid?

Perhaps the route most favored by local Madrid motorists are the roads that converge at the crossroads of Puerto de la Cruz Verde near El Escorial. A true pilgrimage point, motorists in the area will sometimes gather by the hundreds to make the trip. The variety of roads and curves along with the quality of the asphalt offer everything one could want on a Sunday ride.

What is the best motorcycle route through Toledo?

Although Toledo is surrounded by huge plains and roads with endless straight lines, towards the southwest is the Montes de Toledo. These low mountain ranges hide winding mountain roads that make for a delightful motorcycle route. Perhaps the most famous are those that lead to the sanctuary of Guadalupe in Extremadura.

What is the best motorcycle route through Ávila?

Historic Avila, with the impressive complex at its center, is a highly sought-after destination for those traveling by motorcycle in central Spain. The jewel in its crown is the spectacular medieval wall that can be found there, which is one of the best preserved in all of Europe. To the south of the city, we find great motorcycle routes by following the roads that go into the Sierra de Gredos, a huge natural lung in the center of Spain.

What is the best motorcycle route through Segovia?

Its proximity to Madrid makes Segovia yet another ideal destination for a motorcycle trip in central Spain. Segovia’s well-deserved fame is thanks to the beauty of its historical infrastructure. Visitors marvel at the ancient Roman Aqueduct and the celebrated Alcázar—the inspiration for the Disney castle. The city’s first-rate gastronomy helps to make the experience even more enjoyable! The roads that come to Segovia from the south, crossing the Sierra de Guadarrama, are undoubtedly the best. The road leading up to Puerto de Navacerrada is particularly impressive.

What is the best motorcycle route in the Sierra de Gredos?

The enormous crop of mountains that comprise the Sierra de Gredos offers myriad wonderful motorcycle trips in every regard: quality of the roads, spectacular scenery, delectable gastronomy, and rich local culture. Perhaps the most desired routes are those that go from east to west through the north of the Sierra in the direction of Barco de Ávila, and from west to east to the south, following the fertile valleys of La Vera. Making it even better? Both slopes are joined by twisting mountain roads.

What is the best motorcycle route through Cuenca?

The province of Cuenca is one of the great unknown treasures of Central Spain. Highly desirable for motorcycle tourism, it has much to offer! Its old town is built on an imposing cliff with its famed Hanging Houses and the roads that run through the Serranía de Cuenca are among the most beautiful Central Spain has to offer. With practically non-existent car traffic and asphalt in good condition, its ideal place to enjoy a motorcycle ride. And of course, surrounded by incredible views.

What is the best motorcycle route through the Ribera del Duero?

Without a doubt, the Ribera del Duero is a top destination for those seeking world-class cuisine and wine. However, it is also a supreme motorcycle destination! From the beautiful provincial capitals of Soria and Zamora, there are more than 300 kilometers of premium route to enjoy along the course of the Duero River. Once we abandon the main roads, there are gentle curves (and vineyards!) aplenty to be found on the local roads close to the river. Historic cities full of beauty such as Burgo de Osma, Aranda de Duero, Peñafiel, Valladolid, Tordesillas, and Toro stand ready to welcome us with open arms on our scheduled stops.

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The best motorcycle routes from Madrid

Today, we’re going to talk about the best motorcycle routes in Madrid. Both motorcycle outings through the city of Madrid, as well as long-range routes through the Sierra Madrileña and beyond. Without a doubt, the area most sought after by Madrid motorcyclists for a day trip is to the north. The routes here in the Sierra de Madrid are diverse in their offerings, but all provide roads with lots of curves, good asphalt, breathtaking natural landscapes, and excellent local cuisine. However, it is true that the closer to the capital we are, the more car traffic we will encounter.

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