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IMTBike was founded in 1997 in Madrid, Spain. Since then we have had the pleasure of showing the beauty of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France and Italy to thousands of enthusiastic motorcyclists from more than 90 different countries. We are very proud of the reputation we've earned as one of the world's leading motorcycle tour operators. It is our dedication to high quality, making sure that all tour members have an adventure of a lifetime, and our passion for motorcycling that make an IMTBike Tour such an outstanding vacation.

Scott Moreno
Managing Director
IMTBike -"Passion for Motorcycling"

Managers & Staff
» Scott Moreno  Managing Director

IMT-Bike FamilyScott is the American partner. He has been living and riding in Spain since 1989. Scott has an International MBA, and a Masters in Spanish Civilization. Scott was first hooked on motorcycling at age ten, and has never owned a car in his life! He has ridden a motorcycle in every continental US state and has also participated in two BMW Around the World Trips. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and takes pride in enjoying Spanish life to the fullest. Scott directs IMTBike´s office operations, but still finds time to lead a tour or two especially in Morocco.

» Gustavo Cuervo  Director of Route Development

IMT-Bike FamilyGustavo, IMTBike founding partner, journalist and tireless motorcycle traveller, has published over the past 30 years the best routes of the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and Morocco, as well as motorcycling adventure articles, in the most prestigious  magazines from Spain and South America. His knowledge of the roads, history and culture of each region is exceptional. He is the author of five books on motorcycling routes in Spain and Europe and one book of short stories from his travels. Gustavo has been the subject of various television documentaries on motorcycle travel.  He organized two BMW round the world trips and managed the TV motorcycle teams covering the Sydney, Athens and Peking Olympic games. In the last few years he has organized trips to the most remote and beautiful corners of the world where riding is living unforgettable experiences on the last frontiers.

» Montxo González  Director of Motorcycles

IMT-Bike FamilyMontxo is the director of BMW Movilnorte, the largest BMW dealership in Spain. Montxo makes sure that IMTBike's BMW fleet is always updated with the latest models and that the bikes are inspected and in perfect working condition before each tour. Montxo is also the ex-enduro champion of Spain, with both national and international competitions under his belt.

» Isabel Brochet  Office Manager

IMT-Bike FamilyIsabel has a degree in Tourism Business Administration and she joined the IMTBike team in October 2002. Isabel's main job is to insure that all aspects of our tours are in order for a flawless vacation. Born in Madrid to a Spanish Mother and French father she was raised with two native languages and speaks English as well. When Isabel is not working she enjoys traveling, reading, going to the movies, and writing short stories.

» Christophe Larrosa  Chief Information Officer

IMT-Bike FamilyChristophe is originally from Bordeaux, France and joined IMTBike in 2005. When it comes to riding, Christophe was a late bloomer. He didn't get on a motorcycle until the age of 25, but it was "love at first ride". Christophe speaks French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. When he is not riding, Christophe wishes he was riding, but he also enjoys playing soccer and reading.

» Juliana Medina  Marketing Director

IMT-Bike FamilyBorn in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from a Spanish father and a Brazilian mother, Juliana studied tourism and business administration. She also has a master in Marketing and is a graphics designer.  She joined the IMTBike family in July of 2008 and has been working in the central office. She is very detail-oriented and started with IMTBike in charge of rentals and customer service before switching to managing IMTBike’s marketing activities in 2011. She speaks 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. When not working, she likes to travel and to read, but her passion is cooking and, during her free time, she writes a blog on gastronomy.

» Juan Pablo de Luelmo  Bike & Accesories Sales Manager

IMT-Bike FamilyJuan Pablo started working as a tour guide for IMTBike in 2001. He was born in Madrid but moved to Barcelona in 2002. He started riding when he was 15 and has been hooked since then. He speaks Spanish and English, and is in charge of IMTBike’s motorcycles and accessories sales.  When not talking motorcycles he is an expert rock climbing instructor and loves jazz and Hi-Fi audio equipment

» Moira Bollig   Assistant Office Manager

IMT-Bike FamilyMoira was born in Germany, from an English mother and a German father. After her business administration and foreign languages studies she decided to move to the Spanish peninsula. She joined the IMTBike family at the start of 2011 and manages IMTBike’s rentals.
She loves languages and speaks German, English and Spanish. During her free time she likes to listen to music, go to the movies, read, travel and discover other cultures.

» Chano Lorenzo  Head Guide

IMT-Bike FamilyChano started guiding tours for IMTBike in 1998. Prior to that, Chano was a King's Royal Escort for 18 years, riding a Harley Davidson in front of the Royal Family's processional carriage. Chano speaks Spanish, English, and French and when he is not guiding tours, Chano enjoys hang gliding and drinking beer (but not at the same time).

» Martín “222” Cebrián  Head Guide & Barcelona Office Director

IMT-Bike FamilyBorn in his beloved city of Barcelona, Martín started guiding tours for IMTBike in 1999. He has been riding for as long as he can remember and started by stealing a small Bultaco from his brother. This experience so captivated him that he made motorcycling his passion and profession. Martín reviews motorcycles for LA MOTO magazine and is also a track instructor. He speaks English, Spanish and Catalan. When not riding he likes to play rock and blues on his guitar, swim and mountain bike.

» Dan Griggs  Guide

IMT-Bike FamilyDan began with IMTBike in 2001 working on marketing, new business development, and guiding tours. Exposure to motorcycling first came as a passenger on his father's various charges, but by age seventeen, he had caught the bug and hasn't looked back. Some of Dan's more recent riding adventures include the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and of course all throughout Spain. When not out riding, Dan enjoys fishing, skiing, travel, and reading Harry Potter novels.

» Roger Falgás  Guide

IMT-Bike FamilyRoger hails from Barcelona. His passion for travel lead him to study tourism. After completing his degree, Roger, received a scholarship to work in Northern France at the Tourism Office and of course he brought his motorcycle with him. Roger started riding when he was 3 years old(yes 3!) and he has always been passionate about motorcycles, both enduro and street bikes. He has explored all corners of the Iberian Peninsula and numerous European countries and has toured extensively in Morocco. Roger also spend 6 months riding his BMW around Latin America and made it to Tierra del Fuego after a 15 day ride through Patagonia. Roger is also a riding and driving instructor and reviews motorcycles for Spanish motorcycle magazines. When Roger is not guiding tours for IMTBike he manages his own nautical company so he still has time for his other passion: sailing the Mediterranean.

» Ethan R. Grunstein  Guide

IMT-Bike FamilyEthan hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a graduate of University of Denver, with a degree in International Business. Prior to graduating, Ethan spent time living and studying in Salamanca and Barcelona. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Ethan was quickly engulfed by the thrill of two wheels the first time he got on a bike. Over the past few years he has logged many miles while exploring New Mexico, Colorado, and the incredible Pyrenees Mountains. When Ethan is not motorcycling he enjoys riding mountain bikes, skiing, and photography.

» Mikel Mitxelena  Guide & Fleet Director

IMT-Bike FamilyBorn in San Sebastian, Mikel joined IMTBike in April 2008. Mikel started riding enduro bikes at 15. Mikel, is a trained mechanic but also a “jack of all trades.” Mikel is in charge of bike preparation and maintenance at the Barcelona station, he is also a junior tour guide extraordinaire. When Mikel is not riding or working on motorcycles, he enjoys hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, going to the movies, and spending time with his friends.

» Sergi Besses  Barcelona Agent & Guide

IMT-Bike FamilySergi joined IMTBike in 2010. He was born in Belgium but moved to Barcelona when he was 4. He speaks Catalan, Spanish, French and English. Sergi has been riding since he was 15 and got the first of his many bikes at 17. He likes to ski and mountain bike, and tries to stay in good shape to be able to exploit his Ducati on the track. He is a motor head, particularly interested in motorcycling and classic cars. In his spare time he tries to improve his skills as an amateur DJ.

Agents & Collaborators
» Tomás González   Malaga Agent

IMT-Bike FamilyTomás González, better known as "Cirilo" is originally from the Basque Country. He studied Engineering in Madrid and later moved to Malaga to enjoy Andalucia's sunshine. Cirilo, heads up the Malaga office and is in charge keeping our BMW fleet in perfect condition. Cirilo also enjoys sailing, hang gliding, and photography.

» Javier Morante  Madrid Agent

IMT-Bike FamilyJavi was born in Madrid. He started riding at 8 and at 16 was already a professional motocross rider. He competed in the Spanish and European championships for 10 years. He was the motocross and supercross champion of Castilla la Mancha  4 years in a row. He is still part of the motocross world, organizing riding courses as an instructor and participating in some races as a wild card.
In 2011 Javi joined the IMTBike family as manager of the motorcycle fleet in Madrid. Javi makes sure that every motorcycle is in perfect condition for IMTBike’s customers. In his spare time he likes to mountain bike, windsurf and play with his band Indigo Rodeo!

» Jose Maria Mendez Coquin  Finance

IMT-Bike FamilyJose Maria was born in Madrid to a French mother and Spanish father.  Since 2005 he has been in charge of IMTBike’s financial operations.  Nothing makes Jose Maria happier than seeing orderly numbers all lined up in perfect columns, nothing except his R1200GS Adventure!  Jose Maria says that riding his motorcycle is the only way for him to relax and feel free!  When Jose Maria is not number crunching or on his BMW he enjoys fixing up his home, reading and watching Sci-Fi movies.

» José Coronado  Collaborator

IMT-Bike FamilyJose was born in Barcelona and has always been a sports enthusiast, including all motorsports. A consummate rider, Jose collaborated for several years with LA MOTO magazine as a test rider for comparative bike reviews. He has been collaborating with IMTBike for several years in all different aspects of the company. In 2007 he had a grave traffic accident and since then he has been just as active as before, only from a somewhat lower height, the height of his wheelchair. Jose constantly looks for new challenges like participating in the Spanish Tennis Championship where he is already ranked in the top 25…and he keeps improving! Jose is also an ambassador for the Step by Step Sports Foundation which develops training programs for people with spinal injuries. When Jose has some free time he enjoys reading, playing his bass guitar and driving his specially prepared go-kart.

» Rafa Quintanilla  Collaborator

IMT-Bike FamilyRafa is originally from Barcelona but he has strong links to La Mancha and Asturias. He has a passion for all motorized machines and motorcycles have been a part of his life since he was 13 and rode one for the first time! Rafa is an expert motorcyclist and has been collaborating with IMTBike since 2009 in the exploration of new tours.
When not on two wheels Rafa is a die hard rock and blues fan and he is known for getting on his bike and riding whatever distance necessary to see a good concert!

» Teo Romera  Collaborator

IMT-Bike FamilyTeo arrived late to the motorcycle world, but he soon got hooked on two wheel travelling. He has ridden in Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and of course Spain. In 2010 he took a break from his work as a R&D Project Manager to travel through The Patagonia from Ushuaia to Cusco on a BMW. He is fluent in English and can handle a bit of French and now collaborates with IMTBike. When he is not riding, he enjoys playing basketball and strumming the guitar.

» Ignacio Sanahuja Seville Agent

IMT-Bike FamilyIgnacio is originally from Madrid but he moved to Sevilla in 2001. Ignacio is in charge of making sure all bikes that leave the Sevilla office are in perfect condition. When not taking care of IMTBikes fleet of motorcycles, he is watching Grand Prix Motorcycle Races, riding on the race track, on his mountain bike or snowboarding.

» Marion & Kai  German Agents

IMT-Bike FamilyMarion and Kai have been representing IMTBike for our clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland since 2003. Marion is German, born near the Black Forest, one of the most famous motorcycle destinations in Germany. Kai was born in Extremadura, Spain to a German mother and Spanish father, and has been living in Germany since 1996. Kai knows firsthand the beauty of Spain for the motorcyclist, and also understands the special needs of the German bikers. The annual International BMW Motorrad Days Meeting in Garmisch Partenkirchen is always a great opportunity to meet Kai and Marion personally. Apart from German and Spanish they speak English and French.  Kai and Marion live in the heart of the Black Forest with their two wonderful children Kim and Carlos.

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