IMTBIKE Tips & TricksDo you want to ride a motorcycle in Europe? Do you want to avoid speeding tickets? Did you know that you don’t have to be pulled over by the police in order for an expensive speeding ticket to show up in your mailbox a month later? IMTBIKE Motorcycle Tours & Rentals has a few tips to help you avoid unnecessary fines during your next trip.

Every day there are more and more traffic cameras recording your license plate and measuring your speed. If caught riding in excess of the posted speed limit, a ticket is issued automatically and mailed to you. The same holds true for rented vehicles, rental companies are required by law to identify the driver. Once identified, a new ticket is issued in your name and forwarded to your home address.

Here are a few tips:

Most speed cameras are found on big highways and near large cities. Apart from discouraging excessive speeds, these cameras are a great source of income for the traffic departments in each country and for that reason they are placed where they are most likely to catch the highest number of people. On big highways, keep an eye out for the blue signs with a drawing of a vehicle and a radar. There will almost always be a speed camera in the next few kilometers. You can spot the cameras by looking for a large white box on the side of the road (pictured above). They are also sometimes hidden behind overhead signs.

On the smaller, secondary roads they are much less common, which is a good thing. That’s where you will likely spend most of your time riding and it’s more common to be pulled over for crossing a solid white centerline than for riding too fast. Never the less, you should pay extra attention to the speed limits when approaching towns and cities since that is another place where the police may set up a speed trap.

It’s important to always ride safe and follow the local traffic laws. Riding a motorcycle requires a very unique skillset and a high degree of concentration. Using these tips will help you decide when you need to prioritize your speed amongst other factors in order to have a safe and stress free riding experience.

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