30/01/2012 - In 2012 IMTBike turns 15 years old! To celebrate our anniversary we are running a special Corsica & Sardinia Tour.

This tour highlights the best that these two Mediterranean motorcycle paradises have to offer. To “up the ante” we have invited renowned motojournalist and RIDER Magazine contributor Clement Salvadori to join us!

Corsica & Sardinia are pristine Mediterranean islands with surprisingly mountainous topography and beautiful coastlines. Scott Moreno, the IMTBike Managing Director tells us that “Both islands are miniature continents with their own unique cultures and histories so rich that they compete with the beauty of their natural environment”.

Apart from Corsica & Sardinia IMTBike also included on the tour itinerary Provence, the Pyrenees Mountains and cosmopolitan Barcelona.

IMTBike’s Corsica & Sardinia Tour starts in Barcelona and 13 riding days on new BMW motorcycles will let you cover more than 1800 miles of mountain curves and twisty Mediterranean coastline. Prices start at 4340 Euros. The 2012 tour with motojournalist Clement Salvadori is Sept. 20- Oct.4.

Join us and live an unforgettable experience!

YJiEyLNKzoCBclxmou · 07/04/2012

Hallo, Wiz, Corsica is French!To answer the equstion, it is beautiful, you have the sea, the mountains, the maquis, the rugged coast, the small villages, good food, and good weather. Corsica differs from the idea one has of the Mediterranean islands. In fact, no other island is as green as Corsica: from its Laricio pine forests and emerald-green mountain lakes, to its fragrant maquis [scrub], cooling high mountain pastures and wine-growing lands. If Corsica is an “emerald isle”, it owes it to its unique topography in the Mediterranean: this “mountain in the sea” is well deserving of its nickname, with 120 peaks above an altitude of 2 000 m, which remain snow-capped until the spring. The 25 watercourses that flow through it make the island the best irrigated in the Mediterranean Basin. To top it all, Corsica offers the luxury of 1 000 km of the richest, most varied coastline. With a Parc Naturel Re9gional [Regional Natural Park] that covers two-thirds of its surface area, Corsica is a well-preserved island divided between nature reserves and listed sites.

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